Sunday, October 17, 2010

nothing .

its been a long tyme since the last post. so many things happen in my life now. i am not good to tell anyone about the story of my life, only by writing can calm me down a bit. actually , i'm not going to tell the problems i had, but only want to express my emotion by typing . i type a lot, and i keep it safe in my laptop. people can only share their sadness or concern by saying sweet words, but the real part is, heart is always keeping the real story behind. peoples change , i agree with it.. but does the change part bring good or bad things ? only them can tell . who are them ? they are changed people. but for me ? i think i change a lot , from being a wild guy, a guy who love to enjoy my life to some guy who just only thinking of one thing . what is the thing ? that thing is the most precious thing i have, or i used to have. like i said, people changes a lot . i have been through a lot of things , even for only 20years old man , i think i've through everything , the laugh, love , pain , n many other things in this real life. lately , i cry a lot . i don't know why i become like this. so pathetic . begging for something that i lost . its very hurt when you loosing something and knowing that u will never get them back, else , if u get it back, it will never be the same . Now, nothing change , it still the same . and it just me , keep following my path , my way of my life . waiting for the end of it. waiting if it gonna be good ending or horrible ending . yet , the life must go on , just keep the flow. what can i do right now is only patient , praying for what is the best for me , and for peoples in my life . i really hope that i can just turn back time , fixing my mistakes , so this can't be happen . unfortunately , what is past is past . nothing can change it. keep praying Mohd Norsham B Saiful Bahari , i know you can through all this. keep smiling , no matter what happens to you . :)


sasha.hamzah said...

saba la sham. .

hyena said...

hee. sabar okay. i follow you :)